TEL. +81-22-356-1455

6-4-4 Shirakashidai, Rifucho, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi 981-0134, JAPAN

6-4-4 Shirakashidai, Rifucho,
Miyagi-gun, Miyagi 981-0134, JAPAN

TEL: +81-22-356-1455

Enterprise system

Mechanical design

For several production processes, we design custom-made apparatus to automate mass production and save labor expenses. We have introduced 3D-CAD (iCAD). Our design team has established a well-prepared corporate system to offer an excellent proposal for customers in cooperation with our partner and cooperative companies.
Our proposals must satisfy customers, providing them with design efficiency, while also considering productivity, maneuverability, and safety.

Control system

We undertake hardware design of electrical components, software design, and wiring of electric instrumentation, debugging, and setup construction on-site.
We are applying a domestic programmable logic controller (PLC) from Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, and Keyence and have used foreign-made PLCs. Furthermore, we can provide motion controllers and safe PLCs.
Please let us learn about your interests in PC measurement and control using Labview and other methods.


The section of fabrication gathers each part into a large apparatus based on blueprints. The flow proceeds as [delivery of parts (in-house and purchase) → assembling in the firm → adjustments → acceptance inspection → preparation of delivery to customer → construction at delivered site (domestic and overseas)]. We carry out each process responsibly until final construction at the delivered site.
We chiefly work in our shop, which is 50 m long and which is equipped with two 2.8 t cranes. There, we tighten bolts, make adjustments to micrometer precision, and carry out a variety of tasks to meet customers’ needs. Although we mainly accept fabrication of new products, refurbishing and maintenance of existing apparatus are undertaken as well.

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