TEL. +81-22-356-1455

6-4-4 Shirakashidai, Rifucho, Miyagi-gun, Miyagi 981-0134, JAPAN

6-4-4 Shirakashidai, Rifucho,
Miyagi-gun, Miyagi 981-0134, JAPAN

TEL: +81-22-356-1455

Record of performance at facilities

Facilities used in the automobile industry

  • Parts assembly equipment
  • Insertion machine for several parts
  • Screw tightening device
  • Carrier devices
  • Performance test facility
  • Leak tester
  • Image inspection equipment
  • Eddy current inspection device
  • Running-in machine
  • Durability test device for oil pump
  • Laser marking device
  • Robots

Facilities used in light electrical appliance industries

  • Parts assembly equipment
  • Assembling equipment for lithium-ion batteries
  • Liquid filling device
  • Ultrasonic welding machine
  • Packing apparatus
  • Press machine
  • Small shaping apparatus
  • Laser beam welding machine
  • Laser marking device
  • Image inspection equipment
  • Insert feeding apparatus
  • Removal device for molded pieces
  • Robots

Facilities used in roller mill industries

  • Unwinding and winding apparatus
  • Sticking device
  • Attaching device
  • Heat press apparatus
  • Sheet cutting device
  • Image inspection equipment
  • Robots

In-house products

Tracking photovoltaic power generation system

Pole type tracking photovoltaic power generation system set up in a parking lot of our company

Tracking photovoltaic power generation panel set up at the Rifu town hall

Photovoltaic power generation uses solar light, a gift from nature, that might be used repeatedly forever and which is designated as a so-called “renewable energy source.” Because it does not exhaust limited natural resources on earth and because it does not emit carbon dioxide, it is attracting world-wide attention for clean power generation. To our country, which has scarce energy resources, power generation by natural energy expands the amount of our energy self-reliance. It is a dreamlike energy source.
However, the time interval over which we can amortize the cost of constructing such a power plant determines its realistic value. A tracking photovoltaic power generation panel that can generate more energy per area of the panel might be helpful in realizing a short amortization period.
GES has consistently engaged in the development of tracking photovoltaic power generation systems since the beginning of the 21st century through cooperation with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
Many organizations have employed our systems to provide us with favorable reviews.

Claist® Maker

Easy to operate general purpose Claist maker

GES and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)) jointly developed the Claist maker and acquired a patent.
To make the Claist film, one puts clay and other materials into a solvent and mixes them to produce a uniformly dispersed liquid. Then, the dispersed liquid is poured into a Teflon tray. The liquid is rolled out uniformly by a scraper. Next, one adjusts the liquid film thickness using a Teflon form mold and puts the film into an oven with the film sitting on the tray to dry the film. Some of the features are uniform, with adjustable thickness, presenting ease of using scrapers, with simple maintenance of disassembly, assembly, and cleaning.

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